This will be my last blog of 2019, I want to relax and celebrate the season without thinking too much. I also want to come back to you, dear readers, refreshed and ready to tackle a new year of blogs and fun in 2020!

With being refreshed and taking a break, I wonder, what do you all do to bring yourself back to equilibrium? What do you do to even out, find balance and feel more…you?

Photo Credit: Orland Park Prayer Center

Equilibrium defines Equilibrium as “a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.”

When I read it like that, it sounds so simple, so pleasant.

No one tells you that sometimes finding your way back to balance is painful and stressful and, honestly, kind of blows.

(Sorry to be so inelegant with it, but sometimes the best word choices are the least elegant.)

I think about all of the times, past and present, that I have felt out of balance with myself. One that comes to mind readily is when I was in an accident. I was driving home from work and a truck T-boned my Honda. No one was hurt, and while my car ended up being totalled (by insurance speak) I was able to drive home and have a glass of whiskey.

After calling my mom and crying of course.

In the light of day, my car looked sad and crushed. But my spirit, that had flown the coop a little bit when that truck hit me. I felt out of my body and knocked loose. In the most unpleasant way.

I worked at a yoga studio at the time, so I had no shortage of help from people I trusted to help me find my way back to balance. But it was a really uncomfortable time, and it took a LONG TIME to find my way back. Still to this day, I flinch a bit when cars are on that side of me (whether I am driving or not). And the accident was probably almost 10 years ago!

Finding Balance

Finding your balance after it is lost isn’t easy. But I think that in today’s chaotic world, we have many, many different resources that can help us find a solution that helps us.

What are some of mine? I’m so glad you asked!

I like therapy – have I said that recently? I love therapy. It saved me and brought me to a life that I could never have imagined for myself. So yes, therapy, it rocks. And it helps you speak truth to someone who isn’t going to be offended or hurt by it. Having that impartial sounding board makes a world of difference when you are in pain.

Yoga, meditation, spending time with friends. All of these are lumped together because they all help me get my shine back. I feel lighter, happier, more free when I have done all three, or just one or two. My friends give my soul a bath, out of the three, they are my favorite way to rebalance.

Talk about it. Don’t be ashamed if you are feeling out of balance. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends, family, your dog, cat or goldfish. They may not be able to help fix it, but that’s not why talking helps. Talking helps because you get the “Icky” (yes, that’s my scientific term for it) out of you, and makes you hear it for what it is. It also unburdens your soul so your soul can start working to rebalance itself.

Don’t Let the Holidays Knock You Off Kilter

This time of year is really hard for a lot of people. I personally love it. I feel my most alive during this time of year, and am always sad when it’s over.

But if you find that you feel out of balance, sad, tired, or if you are feeling any feelings that aren’t feeling good in your body, I cannot say this strongly enough, TALK TO SOMEONE.

There are phone therapy lines now that can help if you don’t want to go out. There are always options, and keeping and maintaing your balance are too vital to your well-being to ignore.

It’s not selfish to want to be in balance. It’s not selfish to take an hour or 30 minutes, or five minutes, to yourself to close your eyes, breathe deep and find balance.

It’s not impossible to find balance, it’s just something you have to make time for.

Photo Credit: JL Metcalf

Happy Holidays — However you celebrate! See you in 2020!


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JL Metcalf lives in the Ocean State with her artist husband Frankie, and their artistic black cat Shadow. She one day hopes to live in a Hobbit Hole surrounded by her friends and family in the Shire making jams and jellies, while also writing many leather-bound books. She has self-published four novels: The Last Daughter of Lilith, Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love and Hobbits, Menagerie of the Weird, and the sequel to Last Daughter of Lilith, called Dawn Seed. JL can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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