This is the best page – It’s where I get to share all the amazing things people have said about my work. 

It should be noted that a lot of my work is done under NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements), so I do not reveal the names of the clients who are happy with my transcription work.

Regarding Transcription Services:

“Right on the money.”

“Thanks Jessica, from my quick look-through you’ve done an excellent job.”

“Great job. Amazing turnaround. Thank you!”

“Thanks, I know this was a tough one with multiple speakers, bad reception and a Scottish accent. Good job!”

“I am HIGHLY impressed and most certainly will use [her] again for interviews. Even with their different Northern Irish accents, [Jessica] caught just about everything. Great work, and I will definitely recommend … to friends and family.”

“Great job!”

“Very nice! I am really appreciative of how exact you transcribed my audio file. Thank you!”

“Transcript was awesome, thanks!”

“Great quality. Thanks, Jessica.”

Got all the technical words correct.”

Regarding Writing — Under the Name JL Metcalf:

“JL Metcalf is a creative burst of fresh air on the literary scene. Her work is witty, smart and engages the reader.”

-Bess, Florida

“JL Metcalf is a highly creative and titilating author as well as being an incredibly snazzy lady. I highly recommend all her published works and look forward to regularly reading her new blog. I am excited to see what the future holds for her.”

-Bekki, Rhode Island

“Metcalf writes with a touching detail, leaving me with vivid mental pictures of the action. I was able to identify and sympathize with all of the characters…”

Bobby Forand, Motif Magazine about The Last Daughter of Lilith

“I just read “It Won’t Be Ignored” on Very well written! The main character’s spiraling insanity was palpable, and you incorporated the Mythos in a way that is both mysterious and terrifying. An intense and skillfully developed story. “

-Dylan I.

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