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Today’s blog is a musing about a few different topics, but as you can probably tell by the title (or by using your top-notch detective skills) I am thinking about the term “grateful” and all it encompasses.

It’s a Bit Much

How often do we see hashtags that say “blessed” or “grateful,” and how often do we roll our eyes at those hashtags (FYI, I really dislike that I live in a world where hashtags are thing)? I know that I roll my eyes, but often that depends on ther person it came from. If I know that they are sincere, it’s fine and dandy. If I know they are just posting it because it makes them look interesting or thoughtful, that’s when the eye rolling begins.

The point is, how many of us are honestly, truly grateful for what’s in our lives?

I say this as one who has been guilty of not being truly grateful. I used to complain and feel depressed about what I didn’t have and never once stopped to think about what I did have.

Even during my worst times, I had a family that loved me, and friends who cared about what happend to me. For any one person, that should be enough. But for so many of us it simply isn’t. We want more, more, more.

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The Mythical More

So what is this more we so often want?

More money.

More friends.

More love.

More of a waistline.

More muscles.

More, more, more.

It. Is. Exhausting.

I am 100% guilty of asking for more when what I had and have should be 100% enough. I think the reason that this happens, and I can only speak for myself (but feel free to tell me what YOU think in the comments) is because I want to feel comfortable. I want to have enough money so that I don’t worry every month about paying the bills. I want to have more of a waistline and I don’t gain the weight back that I have lost over the last five years.

I equate more with being happy and comfortable.

And I don’t think that’s the right way to think about it.

The Right Way? What is This Right Way?

I’ll be honest, and those of you who know me in real life, know that I am just as lost as the next Baby Yoda on the street. I don’t know what’s up, down, or Mandalorian.

Image Credit: Disney
(See what I did there? I made it topical, plus, I want to look at pics of Baby Yoda. Isn’t it ADORABLE????).

The fact is, I’m just working through my shit like everyone else. I work hard at trying to not take people, places, or things for granted. To be in the moment and to enjoy what my life is, rather than what I think it should be.

Because I think that’s what it all comes down to, we sit around saying we’re grateful for what we have, but we also, and often in the same breath, state what would make us even more grateful, and that usually comes with some kind of a price tag attached.

This Year and Into 2020

This year what I am trying to do is remind myself that yes, I am grateful for what I have (and I have A LOT), and yes, there are things that I wish I had more of (i.e. Money) so that I could be more relaxed and comfortable. But what I also think at the same time is that even without that extra money to add comfort to my life, my life is pretty amazing.

I might not post hashtags of all the wonders in my life, I may curse my torn meniscus or my painful lower back, but I also have a lot of love, a furry black cat that adores her humans, and friends and family who would do anything for me.

I am lucky. I am grateful, and I am going to work really hard in recognizing that I have more than others do, and that I need to make an effort to realize that and perhaps even do something to pay that love forward to those that might be feeling a little sad or lonely this holiday season (and beyond).

So, that begs the question … what are YOU grateful for?

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JL Metcalf lives in the Ocean State with her artist husband Frankie, and their artistic black cat Shadow. She one day hopes to live in a Hobbit Hole surrounded by her friends and family in the Shire making jams and jellies, while also writing many leather-bound books. She has self-published four novels: The Last Daughter of Lilith, Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love and Hobbits, Menagerie of the Weird, and the sequel to Last Daughter of Lilith, called Dawn Seed. JL can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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