This week I had the pleasure of chatting with writer and artist Robert Geronimo. Robert is a published illustrator, writer, and comic creator, known for his dark fantasy series, Blood Realm.

JL Metcalf: What is your number one tip to creators (new and old) on how to best market themselves in today’s world? 

Robert Geronimo: The hustle never stops. Lot’s of up and coming creators often think they can sit back once they’re published. That is not the case. You still have to generate excitement around your book every time there’s a new release. Never take your readers and fans for granted.

JLM: Why is marketing yourself, aka the business of creating, so important for creators to learn and embrace? 

RG: We live in an age where we’re inundated with media. It’s non-stop. Especially with social media platforms like Instagram. Creators have to get people behind their product and let everyone know about it. On the plus side, there’s an audience for everything. 

JLM: What do you like best about being a creator?

RG: Seeing readers get excited about a new release is incredibly rewarding. It’s the ultimate pay-off. Especially when they’re discussing it after they’ve read it. 

JLM: What do you like least about being a creator?

RG: Things won’t get done unless you motivate yourself. Particularly when it’s a one-man-show like Blood Realm. I write, draw, color, and letter the series, and I don’t have anyone else to blame but myself if something isn’t finished.

JLM: Who (or what type of art) inspires you most and why? 

RG: Artists and writers that take risks inspire me. There are many titles that have the same aesthetic and story beats. I admire creators that go against the grain but can still tell deep and compelling stories.

Thanks Robert for taking the time to answer my questions! You can find out more about his work on his website.


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JL Metcalf lives in the Ocean State with her artist husband Frankie, and their artistic black cat Shadow. She one day hopes to live in a Hobbit Hole surrounded by her friends and family in the Shire making jams and jellies, while also writing many leather-bound books. She has self-published four novels: The Last Daughter of Lilith, Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love and Hobbits, Menagerie of the Weird, and the sequel to Last Daughter of Lilith, called Dawn Seed. JL can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. I enjoy reading about different artists’, whether their medium is the written word or visual or aural arts, thoughts on the creation process.
    It’s always a pleasure stopping by here for a visit.


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